The whole world from me is transient (Guangzhou - 6000 kilom
- - > publish at 2016-9-11 09:2This 6 card is final by Susannawu at 2017-2-1 22:12 editors the whole world from me is transient: Do you know to there is lira of two sweet cases? Sweet case lira (Shangri-la) Tibetan language meaning is " the life in the heart " , the famous novel that at 19 centuries 30 time appear at British writer Zhanmusi Hilton " Lost Horizen (the horizon that disappear) " medium and for common people place yearning, be patted before long homonymic film has the honor to win multinomial Oscar award, more make its are common people hep. The pasture in Yunnan has city of paddy of a city of sweet case lira, Sichuan to have a garrison post of sweet case lira. 2016 summer vacation, paragraph pa 3, one car drives 18 days of 6000 kilometers oneself, guangzhou - lira of Yunnan sweet case - lira of sweet square of Sichuan paddy town - Sichuan - Guizhou - Guangzhou, it is souvenir with this, as a certain number of after year read aloud want. Friend of Mom of the net that offer Mom is referenced. The journey: DAY1: Guangzhou - Yunnan Fu Ning (950 kilometers, 9 hours) DAY2: Yunnan rich peace - dam is beautiful (183 kilometers, 4 hours) DAY3: Dam is beautiful - general person black (175 kilometers, 4 hours) DAY4: General person black - pool of another name for Yunnan Province of Kunming stone forest (350 kilometers, 4 hours) DAY5: Kunming - Dali Er sea (390 kilometers, 4.5 hours) DAY6: DAY7 of Dali Er sea: Dali - Li Jiang (150 kilometers, 2 hours) DAY8: Li Jiang DAY9: Li Jiang - in lira of pasture sweet case (174 kilometers, 4 hours) DAY10: DAY11 of sweet case lira: City of lira of sweet case of the pasture in Yunnan - lira of sweet square of Sichuan paddy town is pressed down (310 kilometers, 8 hours) DAY12: Paddy city inferior fourth DAY13: Lira of paddy town sweet square - Sichuan is new the bridge (460 kilometers, 7 hours) DAY14: New the bridge - Chengdu (400 kilometers, 7 hours) DAY15: Chengdu DAY16: Chengdu - Guizhou yellow fruiter (720 kilometers, 7 hours) DAY17: Guizhou yellow fruiter - Guangxi river pool (450 kilometers, 5 hours) DAY18: Guangxi river pool - Guangzhou (690 kilometers, 8 hours) suddenly one is stimulated clever, ased if to return thousands of kilometer to go up from driven car again, on the side one canister red ox, is the daughter in charge of lying between 30 minutes to ask " should drink Gong Niu or water? " , still be in charge of supervising whether overspeed, music is putting LADYGAGA(small cotton-padded jacket to like to go up recently) PokerFace, him eye stares at ahead, the hand helps steering wheel up, 6000 kilometers, be in in Tartarean, heart personally heaven. Journey graph: Paddy city inferior Ding Shenshan celestial being is day (whole journey mobile phone films, without P) sum up long-distance journey point: 1, because of paragraph Mom driver's license had be notted take, because of this whole journey paragraph pa 1 person drives, 1 day had better not exceed 8-9 100 kilometers, time control is in 9-10 hour less than, do not want burn the midnight oil stoutly. 2, except journey the first day is mixed journey of the last day is longer, as far as possible arrangement has a tourist attraction everyday or place to go can be visited, avoid too too as dry as a chip. 3, in the likelihood the circumstance falls, arrange the three unities to live two days as far as possible, can alleviate effectively tired, and wash sun clothes to also go to the lavatory. 4, Sichuan paddy city inferior Ding Wei high height above sea level, the preparation such as relevant red red-spotted stonecrop all was not made before setting out, prepared 4 bottles of portable oxygen only, clean out treasure 12 yuan of one canister, 80/90 of scene area doorway yuan one canister. But in Yadingdeng forgot to take before hill (paragraph Mom is a little uncomfortable, still should take) , the result is in only Sichuan uses two bottles when 318 return trips. 5, the proposal opens ETC check, collect fees too when the station fast; The petrochemical in taking a piece cheers card, inland should take card to cheer very much more, a lot of faster. 6, car is the car of 3 compartment family expenses of 1.6, right before whether can from which lira of pasture sweet case passes through paddy city did not hold, if be no good,consider from which pasture goes Teng Chong and double edition accept returns on the west, still press original plan to carry out finally. From inside Yunnan pasture passes through size snow mountain comes paddy city inferior fourth, the scenery is absolutely beautiful, be in personally just about really Tartarean, the heart is in heaven, path of gravel of a paragraph of 80 kilometers, took 4 hours, if wet is absolutely,cannot go. Preparation setting out: 1) prepared to nod patulin, antiphlogistic medicine, without red red-spotted stonecrop, 4 canister oxygen was bought on X treasure. 1 box red ox. 2-3 dot is afternoon when the driver is the tireddest, be in commonly long-distance division of a certain service rests half hours, safety first. 2) region of partition of Yunnan greater part will be spent in 15-25 August, by day in pants and short sleeve can; If enter difference in temperature of tall principle morning and evening big, want to cover a coat. 3) examine weather forecast ahead of schedule, 7-8 month Yunnan is monsoon, forecast every day have rain, but rain actually not much, although issue time to also be in 10-20 minute, very wash-and-wear, this second group did not rain basically when visit, have during transit only short when showery. 4) hotel shifts to an earlier date 1 day through carrying Cheng commonly or ordered that day; Inn of more important seaside of Er of dot travel Dali, shift to an earlier date a week left and right sides has been decided. 5) those who eat is optional, what eats what? Rice line is most. The journey (ordinal path comes) : DAY1: Guangzhou - Yunnan Fu Ning (950 kilometers, 9 hours) the first day of average mind is first-rate, all many, but grow to also be not recommended again. Set out at 8 o'clock in the morning, arrived at 18 o'clock afternoon, still rested a little while among. Still want to go street infirmary opens the area that select drug, result person is much, set out directly. Think of Guangxi lives 100 kinds so (general proposal) , the result builds a road 100 kinds to rich peaceful high speed, result navigation goes from Guangxi left tribute directly, OK still, new-blown high speed, stand by Yunnan Duan Shan hole is more, the view is good. Cropland of green jade of blue sky white cloud, green hill, still think a company to go to work? Oh, long-distance it is very important to be driven oneself is equipment U of song of a music dish, all the way LADYGAGA- is joyous acoustical laugh language, reach county of Guangxi Fu Ning, accommodation requirement is general, be in a long time ahead of schedule carry had decided on Cheng can. DAY2: Yunnan rich peace - dam is beautiful (183 kilometers, 4 hours) Yunnan dam beautiful village is located in Yunnan Wen Shan city is wide south the county is upper 8 amount to countryside and boundary of A division countryside, hill of annulus of village all sides, be illogical highway. Holes of two natural water of lime dissolve cliff after the village before stockaded village of pass in and out basically relies on a village, the villager people should feel rock wall to wade the water, balsa that maintain bamboo, canoeing, take a boat, the pass in and out of dim water hole ability that grows through a few kilometers. Go out mouth of a cave, land makes the same score free from worries before, house is abandoned peremptory, the field that expanse is before the door, house hind has fresh and green Xiu Zhu, be exactly like Jindaiwen to learn a Tao Yuan the peach blossom source that bright place describes, reason is called " eventual a haven of peace " give a village to all want carriage to turn into the village boat: The return trip has Duan Lushu to be like mattress lunch: Village rice line: Dam beautiful brief summary: 1, pass in and out is different road, all want carriage to turn boat. 2, discrepancy is more interesting, but the village does not have what to look really. Perhaps be a few people live 3 days two, shut a mobile phone, hear Wen Daoxiang in the morning, hit dozen of mahjong in the evening, pretty good still. 3, the requirement that the village stays in is general, we are after coming out, be in wide south the county lives, go the following day general person black convenient also. DAY3: Dam is beautiful - general person black (175 kilometers, 4 hours) arrive from dam beauty general person black have two ways: 1, navigation place is shown (175 kilometers, 4 hours) , prefectural path, but all round signs of human habitation is exiguous, half journey mobile phone does not have signal; 2, guide Hui Ankun high speed, probably many 150 kilometers, time is much 1.5 hours. We choose the first route: Drive a point oneself 1: Best will on the way mobile phone map downloads from the line, ensure without the mobile phone signal also can be used (especially area of a mountainous area, downy, Tibet) . Drive a point oneself 2: Niu Qun is encountered on the road, do not press a horn, go slowly accordingly, niu Qun is met of get out of the way, scare easily otherwise, tibetan area or a mountainous area car bump into dead oxen and hores-beeasts of burden, by the story of XX10000 of claim for compensation already very much, be sure to keep in mind. General of Yunnan grave north person black, general person black, for language of the Yi nationality, meaning for " those who fill full fish shrimp is laky " , from " where does father go to the first season " after the 3rd station is publicized, fame rings gradually. Water of the lake inside beauty spot is clear, swim the fish can be counted. Uprise is looked at, be like a string of pearl with 21 long kilometers, yi Yi is flashy. 10 thousand mus of lotus are aspersed in surface, lotus leaf verdure, diversity of design and color, graceful, swing a boat to cross meantime, a scattering Gu peak, scene of the peach garden that Yan Mianhuan is circling 40 lis of canalage, stretch to the horizon and world's greatest karst wet ground. The hotel is pretty good: Is the setting sun of falbala early morning moonlight do we come general person black be basically the: that strong move goes boating to spill water to come adrift?  is contrary to? , raincoat, waterproof take etc is otiose, fluctuation of everybody whole body is completely wet, do not buy too expensive waterproof things in wicket wicket so, simple one-time raincoat can. 2, big thing puts a public house or in the car, waterproof suit mobile phone reachs purse; Additionally a wrap up is responsible for a task unit until it is completed the dress (outside can wrap a raincoat or other) 3, on come when the boat, want to notice bow has unmanned rocker signal, if have old person or child unsuited sprinkle water, should shift to an earlier date signal, still be polite commonly. 4, there is Jiang Shang after go ashore, can drink a bit drive cold. Go ashore and getting on a car is not to be the same as the three unities, can take storage battery car to return jumping-off place. Because the whole body is drenched, place takes a picture too much: The weapon that buys at the door: The schoolboy recommends urine bucket; The schoolgirl recommends water ladle or monitor. Set out, be ready in take action, because the whole body is drenched, take a picture hard in the battle, a graph goes up for the net under, actual setting is about the same. Paragraph pa glasses dies at his post gallantly in this second battle (be spilled by water of the other side in the battle in water, there is a pair of old glasses to reserve in the car fortunately, otherwise. . . ) . Seaborne whole journey probably 1.5 hours. Return initiative place from go ashore, on the way scenery, assist. General person black brief summary: 1) general person black town, extremely shabby, a lot of places are in rebuild, impression is poor. 2) the float that basically plays sprinkles water, recommend; The others still has grotto, underground river, climb hill to wait, time can ramble, do not have time but oversight, with other beauty spot about the same; 7-8 month comes into piece lotus is very good-looking. DAY4: General person black - pool of Kunming stone forest, another name for Yunnan Province (350 kilometers, 4 hours) from general person black to Dali, way Kunming, as it happens passes stone forest, have no an opportunity all the time before, this second belt the daughter goes, as it happens makes up a missed lesson, summer vacation composition also can be used. Tell the truth, stone forest just comes here to swim, original Ashima, telecine also has the introduction, know clearly wish just. Live in the evening by the side of pool of Kunming another name for Yunnan Province: The following day breakfast is pretty good DAY5: Kunming - Dali Er sea (390 kilometers, 4.5 hours) sleep to 9 o'clock in the morning, eat breakfast to set out at 10 o'clock, alleviate effectively rain of fatigue road go into battle: Dali Er sea: Yunnan saves the foot of mountain of dark green Shandong western. Be like ear with lake form, billow is like the sea greatly, friend name. Ancient Yu weighing a leaf lustre, to break defect lake. North and south grows about 40 kilometre, the thing is average wide 8 kilometre of 7 ~ , lake water area makes an appointment with 246 square kilometre, lake face is divided outside accepting atmosphere precipitation, basically rely on fluvial supply, lake water is average deepness 15 meters, the deepest 21 meters. Lake water is in next closing that flow into Hei Huijiang to southwest via Xi Er river, turn again south river of infuse billows dark blue. Dali all the year round the scenery is picturesque, in a lot of scenery scenic spot in, with wind, flower, snow, month 4 view are most well-known and fascinating, issue Guan Feng, the flower closes on, cang Shanxue, er sea month. Line of Er lake be surrounded by mountains watchs scene hotel, main concentration is in double corridor, happy event continent, dig Gu Cheng of color, Dali to be taken. Among them double corridor is most famous (in Er Hai Dongan considerable sunset) ; Happy continent a gleam of is in Er sea on the west bank, considerable sunrise, everybody sees Guan Ke be chosen by oneself. Hotel that live it is whole journey is the most expensive, ahead of schedule a week is booked, dali Er Hai Taoyuan is pressed down, the around when entering all lives a few days full: Good, we come namely of hotel. The post is too senior, leave newly to be stuck continue the a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender recommends 5D of mew of a surname harmony to be published at 19 buildings to examine complete content to support ~~~ to carry Sy8sy on the head to be published at 27 buildings to examine complete content this course is right, I also am a car is driven oneself have been to Yunnan twice, yunnan climate is pretty good really, liking to return most is Er sea stays in Dali, very comfortable, I am farthermost will be August drive Qinghai oneself, by way of is saved 8 times, back and forth 7000 much kilometers. . I like the sense that drives oneself, footloose. Rice rice pa is published at 32 buildings to examine complete content to admire! The hotel cost that can say next room and it is better to experience. Echosue is published at 41 buildings to examine complete content we also are plans this year in July 4 are driven oneself. Initial plan sets out from Guangzhou classics Guangxi in relief new moon, guilin, to Yunnan Dali, li Jiang, on the west double edition accept, go 15 days probably. The line that read you feels to also had been held out. I am a bit afraid nevertheless, two my children is 3 small 6 big years old years old, walk along so long line not to know to suffer do not can bear. And we also are the cars of 3 compartment family expenses of 1.6, do not know the way is good go. Comment on Sharpiris too assist, we also are to be driven oneself have been to Yunnan, your line is longer nevertheless, expect your travel notes! Publish at 2016-9-12 08:48 already had experience of 1 person grading to be worth Mom money to pack up reason red glow to be all over the sky + 100 + 100 fills in! Admire! Does general comment divide: ? Money of Mom of  scull?+ 100 + 100 examines all grading reply to cite return coping.seobox{Border:1Px Solid #dbdbdb; Margin-top:8Px; Margin-bottom:20px; } .seotop{Background-color:#7bc35f; Height:30px; Line-height:30px; Clear:bOth; } .seochange{Float:rIght;padding-top:3Px;padding-right:8Px;} .seotitle{Float:lEft;font-size:14px; Color:#Fff; Padding-left:18px; } .seolist{Padding:12px 18px 12px 18px;} .seolist Ul{} .seolist Li{width:350px; Float:lEft; List-style-type: Disc; Font-size:12px; Line-height:25px; Overflow:hIdden; List-style:iNside; Padding-left:10px; Height:25px;color:#666666; } .seolist Li A{Color:#666666;}
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