The 18th chapter
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Xiang Yan was in by arrangement on the side one place cave, whole in the evening, his flounder difficult Mian.

Abrupt, an aroma comes over, he has not made clear is how to return a responsibility, suddenly one individual shadow stands by him, one foot kicked photograph cliff instinct to go, instantaneous noise removes the woman's scream.

"Should die? Dare so right old woman. " of the woman be foul-mouthed that is kicked to be in the ground stood from the ground.

Xiang Yan illumed the candlelight in the hole, face about sees the woman with one coquettish about, can't help asking " are you He Ren? Can't help asking " are you He Ren??

The woman pats the dust that goes up personally, see Xiang Yan's face clear, the Chao Xiangyan of one face gentle and lovely relies on to come over, path " I call Mei Xin, it is the servant girl that you see that person by day, I am outer all the time recently edge, firm bout will heard to a charming man comes in the hole, this not, come designedly look, if really nobody is disappointed. " say, plum core take advantage of an opportunity is about Chao Xiangyan relies on to go in the bosom, pace of photograph cliff disease hides, let her attack empty.

"It is to indissoluble really amorous feelings ah, grew piece of so nice face in vain. Grew piece of so nice face in vain..

"The girl is self-prossessed. " photograph cliff face about does not see her.

Evil spirit of plum core evil laughs, path " is what I hear you are Jun Dazhang door prentice? Path " is what I hear you are Jun Dazhang door prentice??

Xiang Yan did not reply, know her arrival not to be pooh-poohed, do not want to be done with her pester too much.

"Do I still hear my boss prepares to take you to come make pills of immortality? " the woman asks again.

"Late at night, if the girl does not have the issue with critical what, ask fast fast leave. " Xiang Yan is vinegary say.

Mei Xin sees state, not only not angry, instead take advantage of an opportunity sits to photograph bedrock couch, laugh " I ask just, the appearance that you keep people a thousand miles away this pair why, door of this gentleman old strike with the palm of the hand is a life good, peach blossom is a ground open, this still has what do not drive sb. to his death, come, say to the elder sister, the flavor of door of this gentleman old strike with the palm of the hand after all how can you confuse 2 times so that mesmerize, my it may not be a bad idea learns study. My it may not be a bad idea learns study..

"You again glibly Hu Yan, careful I am impolite to you. " Xiang Yan one face is vinegary.

Mei Xin laughs, path " little elder brother is very fierce, do not pass your this duplicate sample child, still hold out action elder sister to like, how, will be about tomorrow by make pills of immortality, does the elder sister accompany you to spend Chun Xiao in all tonight how?

Photograph cliff face about, manage no longer she, mei Xin sees state, can't help jokingly " how? Felt embarrassed? Won't you still be a cheeper? The elder sister can is that tonight earning, be at ease, elder sister my technology is top-ranking, let your □ □ surely. Let your □ □ surely..

Xiang Yan listens she says more the more indelicacy, desire draw, who knows instant of a bunny to jump to plum core arm, indeed firm firm bit her readily, mei Xin screams one blast.

"Brute, you dare bite me. " Mei Xin one face spunk, be about to move, wait for scrutiny to bite that her bunny, can'ted help calling in palm wind, angry path " morning and evening I can gather up your skin. "Say, leave angrily.

Xiang Yan is a little ineffable, lower his head to look at the bunny on the ground, see its corners of the mouth still is touching blood, hold it in the arms immediately to the bosom in, the handkerchief in drawing out a sleeve is it fine fine obliterate.

"Do not want after you again incur her, although you have intelligence, but still also be a bunny after all, she is not kind people of a certain kind it seems that, she is encountered to hide after be being written down far, know? Know??

Small bunny is stupefied apparently, slowly in be being conceived toward Xiang Yan, get, xiang Yan sees state, can't help raise a forced smile, stroke the head of bunny, path " by day too over- hurriedly, I did not notice he also brought you unexpectedly, do not pass such it may not be a bad idea, did the person on stone couch see by day, if I have what accident, you will help my for company she, can good? Can good??

Small bunny buries the head in photograph cliff bosom all the time, xiang Yan looks not clear its expression, laugh then " that person is my master, wonderful to me, be opposite later you are sure also it is wonderful, he is my this all one's life the woman of exclusive adore, also be the person that my this lifetime is begged and does not get, before early, I know I like her, but I am clear also, my removed move with her is too much impossible, she is in my heart, it is forever so Yao cannot be reached, nowadays, I can save her, actually I am very glad. Actually I am very glad..

Jun Sai listens Xiang Yan is saying these, all the different kind also is in the heart afflictive, she knows Xiang Yan is good to her, also more and more feeling perhaps is good not just, but she does not know actually, he can arrive greatly to disregard even life to his feeling.

She wants to recover person body, prevent him to save him with this kind of means, but effective power of him the whole body is devoid, cannot change at all form.

Jun Sai is confused in photograph cliff bosom go off, wait awaking already was after a few days, see demon gentleman sits in him body side, there is drug of a red in the hand, when just knowing to be late already.

Demon gentleman feeds red medicine think of mouth side to gentleman, jun Sai is closing the mouth closely, do not eat namely, demon gentleman sees state, exert all one's strength the lower jaw that holding Jun Sai, red medicine instant enters larynx.

Red medicine enters an abdomen, jun Saili horse feels extensive of the whole body removes a warm current, differ meeting, she recovered person body.

"Where is other? " Jun Sai asks, tear instant slides.

Demon gentleman sees state, stroke Jun Sai's hair on the temples with the hand, path " you are at ease, the life that I just took him yuan, did not hurt his life. Did not hurt his life..

"I go looking for him. " say, gentleman thinks of take advantage of an opportunity to be about to rise, be pressed by situation of demon Jun Jiang however.

"I take Wan Shouyuan to put him to leave, this is his own meaning, I did not force him. I did not force him..

"Did you take him how many? " Jun Sai carries eye, gentleman of demon of firm firm goggle at.

Demon gentleman sees state, evil evil spirit laughs, path " not much also, do not pass 70 years just, I cannot think of however, you this is prentice birthday yuan quite long still, I help him calculate, what he still remains 5 years is long, and before he leaves, I fed red medicine to him designedly, make him won't fast often go, oneself still can maintain before arriving dead now so about, how, am I right you this small prentice pretty good still? Am I right you this small prentice pretty good still??

Jun Sai does not want to expend talking around more with him, urgent affairs is to want to find Xiang Yan first.

Jun Sai rises again, was pressed by demon gentleman again however go down, evil spirit of demon gentleman evil laughs, path " you think my devildom is you come presumably, consider the place that takes? Consider the place that takes??

Gentleman thinks of both hands knot to imprint, the coloured glaze inside the red inside oneself and body bead the instant closes 2 for one, change gives the extraordinary power inside coloured glaze bead,

"You became mad won't do, are you knowable what are you doing? Will coloured glaze bead follows him inside red is united in wedlock, you did not drive sb. to his death is " demon gentleman anger.

Gentleman thinks of corners of the mouth to laugh indifferently, if demon gentleman place says, by her effective power, urge far from possibly move coloured glaze bead, only way, namely will coloured glaze bead and oneself inside red closes 2 for one, let superhuman strength of coloured glaze bead be used for him place.

Come so nevertheless, when superhuman strength of coloured glaze bead comes loose, also be the day that gentleman thinks be frightened out of one's wits.

She flew clever sign, explore gets the ground that Xiang Yan is in, drive sword runs quickly continuously and go. ?

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