Body of the 66th chapter manages wisdom barrier shelter
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Those who be troubled by is you all the time good.

Na Zeting wants to learn elegant elegant cross a become known eye.

Regrettablly she lives to be the age of old hobgoblin, do again temporarily do not come out this kind of childlike girl amorous feelings.

She is in azure mainland is repair true extent not world talent, before encountering bend world, all the time be wrapped up in repairs refine;

3 bounds look up at scan widely only the portion that envies her.

Had had too long too long time, can not altogether with these the opportunity that be mischievous pretty pesters character contact with like all sorts of people with earthly dirt.

Live in Hua Zhou 19 years to come namely, also be smooth calm more static satisfied and daily.

Bout arrives south, those chicken of experience fly to a dog to jump before her not as good as these a few highest grade come so that let her make a heart.

Especially Na Yueyin this little girl, confuse right and wrong, make trouble out of nothing, out of thin air Bai Lian spends skill, let her acclaim as the peak of perfection.

Na Zedou is OK and affirmative, the buy of Cang Haigao's medium tomorrow campus forum coming directly towards regular meeting is her Na Ze " eradicate cruel of human relations be addicted to consanguineous " hot post.

Na Yueyin's word adds water in undoubted pour oil on the fire, oil, the billow of Shenyang Chen Chuan in letting violent rage is boiling.

He takes the top of a table on the side forcibly, the flush with agitation rips growl wildly to Na Ze, "Evil creature, you return discomfort to fall on your knees to apologize to the grandma to me! Are you to want refuse to have anything to do with all kins and friends?

Killed your Mom, return now dare so right grandma! I am to regretted to give birth to you at the outset really the cause of the trouble of this evil root, will technically kill oneself person.

You see you just come back a few days, do wholy domestic imbroglio, messuage inquietude! Scandal piles, still absolutely refuse to repentant!

I ask you, it what the home has an accident to have to you south is good that the home has an accident to have to you south?

You also are south one member of the home, mix everywhere however our oppose. Those things that you know not to know you are done can be killed south the home arrives the condition of beyond redemption. Once wind a day feebly, it is good that you think you can be denounced really?

You not self-love, the capacity that lowers a thousand pieces of gold of the home austral yourself should do a lover to the person, still do wild kind. I tell you, with you ugly now the fame that alls over a day, did not have the home austral us, you with respect to what not be.

When arriving, do you still want to go really the young lady that evening show makes the seek fun that lay a person, do prostitute?

You should have this idea I beat dead first now your save trouble, feel well the lintel that you continue to profane the home austral us. I died to see without Yan Qu in the future south domestic ancestor. I died to see without Yan Qu in the future south domestic ancestor..

Shen Chen plain this one look be like " intention fine is bitter " teach, listening to be returned besides absurdity is funny, and especially great still add thick absurdity.

Mix this one child the highest grade with do not have bit normaller is right on, na Ze feels he is true is to handle one lot personally in wisdom barrier nest.

Na Yueyin is in by, pressedding slightly beauty is pointed, be like is not affection does not wish but must inspiring awe by upholding justice destroys close kind remind, "Pa, the elder sister was wrapped to the person now, and go evening show does a young lady what to is distinguished again... "

Listening is to Na Ze's hate its are not contended for, it is outside the word in the word " Na Ze is wrapped and go doing prostitute it doesn't matter to distinguish, let her pa do not feel to be wrapped compare a cut above others that do prostitute, her Na Zezao is profaned south door lintel " this meaning.

Na Ze still holds out the viewpoint of some share value of sound of the month austral approve of.

Be wrapped and go doing prostitute to do not have distinction really.

Be slept by much individual and by little the essence that a person sleeps to won't transform event again, compare who without who really so more the truth with a bit cleaner morality.

At best is slept to meet with less likely by a person a bit blame just.

But this thing itself is probability incident, because include the person's gold likely also advocate it is a big allergy, so this do not have relative necessity.

Na Zeting admires him, she still has this time the mood sends out sexual thinking is miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous 8 thought so much.

And she not only think so, still move the look to Na Yueyin body to praised each other, "Although you say the occasion of this word and object are improper, the viewpoint of value that nevertheless sheet nods with respect to some of opinion on public affairs looks, you still are the word that said to nod cogency to be able to listen for the first time really. You still are the word that said to nod cogency to be able to listen for the first time really..

Na Ze's word looks be like is to praise, actually bright in dark li of duplicity that is acid Na Yueyin, dark li of Tibet knife.

The intelligence quotient of the person that be here is understood.

Na Yueyin hears talk, complexion depressed rise.

She is pitiable see Xiang Shenchen plain, "Father, elder sister she... is what I say good for her obviously... but is her so enigmatic tone right me... " ?

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