The 10th chapter collects husband
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Na Zeshen hand holds him in the arms rise, the movement is docile and gentle, resemble serving the beautiful woman of precious and clinking pottery and porcelain glacial vulture.

The facial expression that allows discharge is flashy resembled be being filled in fly is same scamper fuzz, "Who allows you to hold me in the arms, blockhead! Blockhead!!

His man, be held in the arms by a princess of female light relaxed pine actually --

He states self-respect got be encroached badly.

Mood holds out swift and fierce, because hurt heavy imposing manner,was not worth regrettablly.

Na Ze is carried raise eyebrow, oh, she forgot her to be collected this just is proud charming.

"Do not like? Is that being carried? " saying to enrage assume a posture of ground of compose oneself idle to be about to swing him euqally when gunny-bag shoulder goes up.

Dare call wife blockhead, be afraid of is still be cut not quite miserably.

Look demit suddenly take everything into one's own hands lives her hand, previous too big movement makes he what can't help moving infirmly originally instantly expectorate very big a blood.

Na Zexin head is tightened, think of god of his that individual in all the mad disposition of wool of clean addiction chelonian of anger, oil dare be not bought on fire again.

But he also walks along this appearance to be not moved for certain.

"I am carrying you on the back. "I am carrying you on the back..

Face about, look a type of classical Chinese literature is whole body paralysis be like, two arms soft hangs down from her shoulder.

Na Ze is smoked answer oneself a hand, lower his head to look, had been immerse completely red.

Looking is to be hurt very again really.

Her heart has uneasiness, light tone asks, "Be maintained so that live? "Be maintained so that live??

The for a long time that allow discharge did not reply, go up in her shoulder later faint say, "Go quickly, otherwise a little while they should be chased after again. Otherwise a little while they should be chased after again..

Na Ze carries soon the moon to night sky, the eyes is colder than moonlight cool.

The lot that who means him be rear? Be who has this capacity?

No matter who be, she wants this individual to pay price.

Side heteronomy injury is the most serious now nevertheless, let off those people first.

Time south the home is to be not answered.

Na Ze was carrying a person on the back to return villa.

Elegant elegant had not slept, see Na Ze carried person of a blood on the back, toot cries rise.

"Lustre elder sister, this who ah? How to hurt such? Become hematic person. Become hematic person..

Na Zefei says quickly, "Go quickly taking medical case, call up Bai Xi. Call up Bai Xi..

"Oh oh oh -- " elegant elegant busy incessantly runs to call Bai Xi.

Na Ze upstairs sends guest room the person.

Look a type of classical Chinese literature is already thorough dizzy past, completely involuntary.

Elegant elegant belt is worn medical box and Bai Xi arrive very quickly hurriedly.

Bai Xi knows medical skill, na Ze gives him the person.

Face about goes in took a clean towel to hit wet, come out to allow demit wipe up the bloodstain on the face.

Bai Xi had doffed his jacket.

The injury that allows discharge is very fearsome, whole the upper part of the body is blood, do not look to give original look at all.

The big deep injury that before the bosom one flesh and blood rolls, looking like is broken off next causing by high above in the sky of edge tool of loud and jarring.

The back also is cut enumerate after, resembling is caused by beast benefit claw.

Elegant elegant look so that sob, "Is he be assaulted by the beast? How can you have such cut? Curiosity is strange! Curiosity is strange!!

They are live in the city, big is this person in the evening to went to the zoo to be gnawed by lion tiger? How must come otherwise such cut.

"Elegant, you go looking bright. " Na Ze is allowed that a suit hurts demit agitate became confused god, heart blast a convulsive move is painful.

Elegant elegant too noisy.

"Oh... " elegant elegant also know oneself are too spoffish, nevertheless Na Ze's reaction lets her very feel puzzled.

Lustre the elder sister appears very care about this teenager, be of understanding?

After the bloodstain that Bai Xili manages all aloningly to go up personally completely to Rong Ciqing, begin hemostatic wrap up, use one layer upon layer gauze adroitly to lap abdominal muscle.

Wait for everything to had been handled, had been a hour hind.

Ground of elegant elegant pop one's head in and look about pushs the door again.

Na Ze sits in bedside, the heart is wrung like the knife, extend a hand to meet the face that touchs brittle glass to feel him gently commonly.

See Deyaya buccal glare eye is blank, the Bai Xi that clears away medical box is scarce also show Jing to become stunned color.

The face that holds take leave already by cleanness clean, showed true look.

Elegant elegant the face that sees him clear, give out exclamation, "Wow! Good... good beauty -- "

"This can be the Adonis that elegance and talent uniques among this contemporaries, go completely in caricature namely. Lustre elder sister, where do you collect this unique Adonis that come back... "

"Nevertheless the injury is become can be a reckless waste of food really so. Do you seem to know him? Do you seem to know him??

Be in elegant in elegant impression, had never seen Guo Naze is so nervous a person.

She twists the appearance that eyebrow presseds closely, it is this teenager on afraid bed; And, she still a moment ago brushed a face to the teenager personally.

"My husband, bright bright father. Bright bright father..

! ! ! - -

Ha? ? ?

Elegant elegant pop eye, mouth Zhangcheng is round, chin drops the ground quickly.

"Old, old, husband? Don't I have tinnitus? Don't have mishear? " the arm that she is grabbing Bai Xi shakes, urgent growl, "Lustre does the sister say what? Her husband? Her husband! ! ! - - "

After Bai Xi was stupefied a little while, smile, "You do not have mishear, size sister says this is her husband, the father of little young lady. The father of little young lady..

Elegant elegant shake is good in place a long time, guttural murmur swallowed saliva, "Lustre elder sister, this is you search all the time... that husband in living in you to describe all the time, my elder sister's husband? My elder sister's husband??

Searched ten years to was not found.

Going out to collect an individual to come back casually is husband, this what insults movement?

"Hum. " the pigheaded dark clouds between Na Zemei, but tone is firm. ?

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