What symptom does Gong Han have? 15 action had made warm pal

Summertime woman is easier by Gong Han " stare at on " , devouringly room of air conditioning of cold drink, Chang Ai, love wears be dressed in a Chinese-style jacket and trousers to be able to let a woman be in imperceptible in catch a cold catch a cold. Gong Han brings about dysmenorrhoea not only, Fat, Hands or feet is icy, still can allow a womanInfecund not Yo. So how is Gong Han recuperated? Small arrange the show that introduces Gong Han for each MM. Let everybody understand its symptom, had made warm palace step.

Gong Han's symptom:

1, dysmenorrhoea, forthcoming month when have clot, menstrual color is black wait for a symptom, these are shape of more apparent palace symptoms caused by cold factors.

2, hands or feet is icy, another expression of Gong Han is hands or feet icy, perhaps佛山夜网

feel the body is cold.

3, thin volume of leucorrhoea Qing Dynasty is much, this kind of case appears more easily in the circumstance of catch a cold, but the person leucorrhoea of Gong Han constitution often is clear thin volume is much.

4, infecund not Yo, additionally one kind of symptom of Gong Han becomes pregnant not easily namely, because uterine temperature is low, spermatozoon and ovum are united in wedlock not easily, illuminate into infecund barren circumstance so.

5, next abdomens are cold, by press ache. Period sometimes after the fault, color is light and the quantity is little, drive is poorer, at ordinary times lumbar acerbity leg is soft, pee is more, menstrual quantity is little, Sexual desire drops, glossal qualitative Dantai is white, arteries and veins is heavy. If a lumbar acid of really in relief inade东莞夜网

quacy is folded, complexion An is yellow, the abdomen below consciousness is not warm, limb is not lukewarm, main base is cold and fatigued and weak, the mouth is tasteless, be fond of the dry that feed laborious, menstruation somewhat after the fault, have leucorrhoea, pee frequency or incontinent, the tongue is qualitative weak, liver mosses white be bored with and slip, arteries and veins is heavy weak.

6, get fat. Gong Han person another expression is lumbar abdomen fat, accompany haveBe discouragedLack of power, insomniaMuch dream, menstruation is too little, not the symptom such as oviposit. Uterine quantity of heat is insufficient, to maintain the physiology function of oneself, adipose act as case " the emissary that guard palace " , colder body needs the uterus more corner is adipose, cause get fat thereby.

Of Gong Han's harm, let a woman must be prevented! How is warm Gong Qugong cold?

Recuperate Gong Han's method:

1, the food that eats filling gas warm body more. Be like walnut, jujube, earthnut, the inadequacy that lets a priori comes by acquired high energy complemental, need not worry about suffer from excessive internal heat, palace cold constitution belongs to internal heat inadequacy, appear not easily the symptom with igneous hot cardinal principle.

2, with abalone nourishing. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks abalone is nourishing, OK and nourishing raise colour, it is the female's best cordial. Pay intribute of courtyard of past imperial physician as concubine of an emperor to empress the wife of a prince people Chinese traditional medicine bolus, the unlike when mediating uses honey now, use abalone juice however. So palace cold female often should make some of abalone food to oneself.

3, be good at go. Gong Han's wife leanings Yu Anjing is composed, motion crosses a long time to feel easilyFatigue. Actually " change unripe this world " , cold sex constitution person special need improves a constitution through motion. Double is the simplest way.

Walk, walk on pebble road especially, can stimulate thenar main and collateral channels and point, can blood of the dredge passages through which vital energy circulates, gas that move free, improvement blood circulates, make the whole body warm.

4, moxa lukewarm moxibustion. This is a kind of simpler household way, choose two point commonly: Fall continuously in the middle of navel 1, 3 inches of part play continuously in the middle of the acupuncture point of gas of great capacity of 5 inches of place, navel close yuan of acupuncture point. With moxa daily fume bake 30 minutes, hold to for a long time OK and effective, another returning have agent of the buy inside plant sex, can better remove Gong Han.

5, drink brown sugar water. Before official holiday 3 days can drink brown sugar water everyday, in order to increase an amount, better let menstruation eliminate clean, also enrage blood alive, warm palace.

6, strengthen take exercise, increase haemal circulation. Can use the root of remembranous milk vetch, big jujube, or angelica bubble water is drunk or decoct is taken, filling gas moves blood, make enrage blood double be filled with, also be the pattern with active drive cold palace so.

7, heat preservation. Be in the office, equipment coat or amice, the shoulder that protects you, over there but cannot catch cold catch cold. When wearing skirt, usable amice protects leg ministry, especially knee. Filar socks also is need to cold-blooded woman, in case cold fall from the foot unripe.

8, do not sit below air conditioning. If seat move does not leave, be about to prepare towel of a small silk more, do not make wind straight blow cervical. If sit in front of of air conditioning, had better be to face air conditioning, air cooling is blown from backside, than head on the harm that wind causes to human body is greater.

9, do not be in the office noon break. Bend over to sleep on the desk the waist after can be being shown inadvertently, and the pore when Morpheus is lax, be hurt more easily by cold evil place so. Had better not stay in air conditioning room all the time full 8 hours, go going midday outdoor, let pore contact the nature of the outsideBreath, if there is cold inside body OK also exhale from comes.

10, do not sit " cold " . Summer does not sit the chair that has cold, for example face of the ground, stone or iron face chair, heat conduction is fast, algidity is heavy, cold evil can repel the in relief gas of your body quickly to atttack an uterus directly.

11, take cool measure. Had better eat cold drinks and snacks in midsummer season only, and the food that does not eat to just was taken from freezer. This measure is OK nevertheless oneself hold, the person with body dry, old internal heat can eat more a bit, do not exceed too much OK, eat ice to stimulate for example drench one day does not exceed two南漳微信小程序开发


12, take cool order. Have cool, heat when two kinds of things should take, had better take heat first, eat after cool, if put upside down orderly, cool air can be fallen to overwhelm by steam take advantage of an opportunity uterus, bring harm.

13, resolution is cold feed. Besides the food that takes from freezer, have a lot of food, although edible falls in normal temperature, but its essence is cold sex however, wait like w东莞夜网

atermelon, pear, pork, gram, rock candy, balsam pear, even if after heating, also should divide seasonal, comfortable but and feed.

14, tea of the ginger before eat. Form a habit, tea of a cup of ginger can be drunk before eat (a ginger, develop bubble with boiled water, take the advantage of heat to drink go down) , it can dissolve cold cool food actively or be the algidity in cool sex food, the uterus that replaces you on food good close.

15, remedy after catch a佛山夜网

cold catch a cold. If have appearance of catch a cold catch a cold occasionally, get wet in the rain for example, when wet hair goes out, must after the event remedies, give him decoct cold boiling water of a bowl of drive. Material is brown sugar 2 spoon, ginger 7, water simmer in water 10 minutes can, drinkable 1 ~ 2 OK drive takes cold air.

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