8 NG bad habit becomes aggravate dysmenorrhoea " murderer "

Every month " Mom of mother's eldest sister " to visit, total meeting is brought to the body all sorts of unwell, andDysmenorrhoeaIt is most let a person be borne hard. Besides the reason such as constitution and heredity, the bad habit in daily life, become aggravate dysmenorrhoea the most easily " murderer " . Below behavior of NG of these a few kinds of period, do you have?

A lot of females have such experience: Every month physiology period when wanting to report for duty, with respect to the feeling the waist carries ache on the back, even if sitting to also feel uncomfortable... dysmenorrhoea, concern with heredity and constitution not just, also have very big concern with daily habit.

A lot of habits in everyday life, may cause intense classics painful! Introduce to cause all sorts of NG behavior habits with intense painful classics easily for everybody bel上海水磨


■ wear not quite the abdomen is carried on the back cannot heat preservation

Via one of painful reasons, "Prostate element " . The human body when physiology period can make uterine nature contractive, make blood successful eliminate. But when haemal circulation is bad, the uterus cannot contract smoothly, at this moment another namer " uterine systole is hormonal " " prostate element " secrete, exciting uterus is puissant and contractive, caused secondhand via painful happening.

Once temperature is inferior when, can promote prostate element to secrete, do not write so cool or letting temperature become low is very important. And should let abdomen, waist, back keep warm only, systemic blood can ameliorate naturally. Can add a vest more, or is to wear the lovely abdomen in Japanese stage a come back to coil, it is OK still that skulker sticks warm warm bag directly help sb to deal with an emergency produces the result immediately.

■ if hill is daylong,office OL is not moved

Maintain similar gesture to sit佛山夜网

all day long let easily " groin ministry " blood stream backwater, blood becomes poor circularly. The muscle of abdomen, waist is inflexible, also can make classics painful become more serious.


When going to work, time stand up pull lacing wire, go a little and let a waist carry the muscle all round on the back to move, can let blood restore circularly.

■ not Xu coffee whole body is not right

Coffee contains coffeine with black tea, have the effect that makes the body cooling. Temperature becomes low to be able to promote prostate element to secrete. Other resemble wiping tea or cocoa, coke, chocolate to wait to also contain coffeine. Begin to decrease before physiology period absorb the beverage that contains coffeine, the proposal changes drink the Jiang Shang that improves temperature result, black syrup waits.

Like bleb water (do not add fruit juice or candy) also can let haemal circulation ameliorate special recommend. The composition – citric acid of lemon or grapefruit also has alleviation physiology painful the effect, it is OK still to squeeze a bit lemon juice to be added in bleb water to be drunk together complement is vitaminic!

■ drink milk

Rich calcium is contained in milk, energy, protein, adipose, carbohydrate, small crude element, iron, zinc. But these elements will be easy produce chemistry with magnesian element, body of can broken hellion is right absorb magnesianly, should know protein synthesis, nerve is conducted, the maintaining with muscle systole, temperature adjustment, complete cell and energy metabolization cannot leave magnesium.

Period magnesium is short of break, sarcous of nerve of can aggravating uterusConvulsive, increase dysmenorrhoeaAchingFeeling, and still make force of human body immunity drops.

■ eat too salty

Too salty food can make the salinity inside body and water divide reserve increase, cause thereby come in menstruation happen before tideHave a headache, Excited, wait for a phenomenon testily.

Accordingly, in female period, besides absorb a few enrich the blood the food of filling gas, general dietary Dou Yiqing is weak give priority to, lest cause unbalance of chroma of moisture of core condition soda acid, destroy whole circulatory system.

■ drink strong tea

The physiology element with female special menstruation is brought about cannot drink strong tea. Because strong tea is medium theine content is higher, stimulate nerve and heart and vessels, make a person excited, basal metabolis is accelerated, easy generation dysmenorrhoea, period is lengthened and classics blood is overmuch.

In the meantime, in strong teaTannic acidWith food in alvine path medium Tie Jiang closes, produce precipitation, make the suction of iron receives set back, causeThe sex that be short of iron is anaemic.

■ of old stem do not have smoke to do not have the life

Smoking can make the capillary of the body contractive, influence blood becomes poor to be reduced with temperature circularly.

Smoke besides after classics is painful, still can let the skin become poor. Because give birth to the hormonal balance of the body wh上海水磨

en manage period to be thrown into confusion, at that time the skin already very sensitive, smoking is one disaster after another only, make skin easier be hit! Smoking is right influential via painful, skin, do not recommend a friend to smoke so!

■ shower is sent with respect to good efficiency

Be to develop a bath to slept casually when business? But bubble bath still has very big difference to the body with shower!

Cold air is frequent recently, much righter oneself are a bit better slowly bubble the bath can make the body calefacient, and increase haemal circulation, had done before physiology period maintain recuperate the constitution with not easy painful classics.

Alleviate the small subtle move of dysmenorrhoea

Although dysmenorrhoea is not ill, but 广州夜网论坛

the MM that has had dysmenorrhoea experience knows, dysmenorrhoea is painful rise to drive sb. to his death really! Teach you a few small subtle move, alleviate easily dysmenorrhoea.

1, him heat preservation

Through drinking hot water, wear the method such as the dress to increase warm up put oneself in another's position more, can outspread blood-vessel, accelerate uterus of blood stream, antagonism flowing flesh is contractive, reduce ache then. Drink hot herb tea or hot lemon juice more. Also can place hot compress mat or thermos in abdomen, one frequency minute.

2, see comedy loosen cerebrum

When us a short while of preoccupied Yu Ying, the generation inside body is many inside Fei peptide, can cut off aching signal, temporarily acetanilide; Once feel cheerful, the body more release many cling to amine, film of activation head cell produces acetanilide effect.

3, maintain a low buttock tall pose

The genuflect when dysmenorrhoea is on the bed, drive up is coxal, maintain the appearance potential energy with low high buttock of this kind of head to improve position of tilting back ward, outflow of convenient classics blood, remove blood of pelvic cavity Yu, reduce ache and waist to carry unwell symptom on the back.

4, crawl slowly

But the ache when slow down uterus is contractive, loosen abdominal muscle. Through crawling slowly, can practiceBreath, with slow dysmenorrhoea.

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