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Health is accepted bonnily by more and more modern namely, and we also cannot be denied, healthy body can make us more beautiful really. The person's beauty should be by inside and unripe, mirror in person by the interior of our body. And can make sure we are long and healthy, among them a the most important thing, maintain namelyMotion.

The soma that carries kinetic energy lets us is in active position, metabolic on the rails, make us can normal draw waste material of nutrition, eduction. A body that does not move, resemble a machine that does not run, or year long the building of disrepair, although we color again their surface, also the deliberate via removing people.

Motion to the female character is very cultured a thing, on one hand, the games abigail sex of excessive crosses body of much ground loss, and bring overweight burden easily also to the body; On the other hand, the motion of insufficient capacity is less than apparent effect since the body to us however. Between excessive and insufficient capacity, we need to master the method of good exercise and note, such our ability health moves effectively.


Persistent motion

The expert ever pointed out, 20 years old of comes 25 years old profession females in modern city lack calcic issue very outstanding, and the growth as the age, speed of calcic prediction of a person's luck in a given year also will expand quickly, bring about bone density finally not to amount to mark. The reason that forms this kind of circumstance has a lot of, the mainest is fe佛山夜网

male abstain from eating meal is fed much, from the flesh kind in absorbInanition, form content is easy lack calcium and protein. On the other hand, oriental female is afraid of bask, reduced sunshine to pass the opportunity of D of vitamin of photosynthesis translate into, affected the calcic absorption inside body thereby. Cantering is the best method that solves this one problem, hold to those who come one hour half hours to canter everyday, as to direct inject calcium is qualitative inside skeleton, the effect is very good.

And relevant research makes clear, if the female is after adolescence and strong year after year,do exercise more, they suffer from in the turn of lifeBreast cancerodds wants than those females that do not move low 23% . Among them, have the woman of lowest of breast cancer risk, time of average and weekly campaign is controlled for 3 hours, athletic way is given priority to with ran. This delegate thinks, the woman comes 12 years old 22 years old, the optimal time that is female motion paragraph.

Shen Xuanyun uses sort

The female needs to do exercise continuously, but cannot move at random however, because the female's body is more flimsy, downy, intensity crosses big games to injure a woman greatly. Accordingly, the quintessential sport that do not have oxygen has lift barbell, dash to wait to should be done less, or flat do not do. When pursueing these campaign, cerebrum, liver, kidney and the blood-vessel that gastric bowel are contractive, supply blood to limb, and make these viscera are in anoxic condition in motion. Do not train through major, to female body experience causes great harm. The female jumps more aptly when fitness strong and handsome hold, make blood-vessel has tenacity, add vital capacity, cardiac muscle beauty of body of shaping of strong, model, improvement mood...


The bicycle is one kind exercises a method well, on one hand, it can go to th佛山夜网

e lavatory well our life, on the other hand, it exercises our knee joint, ankle, gambrel effectively. Let make the one part that we live by bicycle, we will surely benefit good people is much. A weight is 50 kilograms person, if cycle,speed per hour is 10 kilometers, can use up about 140 calorie. As the elapse of time, extend athletic time, add vivid momentum, develop bicycle campaign into a kind of habit of the life, so you are " life depends on motion " the best person that carry out. Remember abiding by traffic regulation even when cycle, notice life is safe!


Skip is a kind of more relaxed, simple motion, and do not need us go out, also do not need us to seek broad space, and, the most important is, skip is right of our body exercise the effect to be not differred absolutely. Skip can exercise our hands or feet to coordinate a gender not only, return the arm that can exercise us and leg ministry. Countless women are distraught nowadays because of the flesh of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married of arm and leg ministry, do not know everybody has had not considered skip. But we still need to make an attention a bit, jump drawing motion must be done to loosen muscle after the rope, avoid leg ministry to coarsen.


Shop to also calculate take exercise? Does that exercise means this kind too congenial also? Right, shopping also is one kind maintains healthy athletic pattern. It is with walking correctly the pose shops nevertheless, put on comfortable shoe, look up hold out a bosom, quicken a pace fast, want to experience oneself leg ministry to exerting oneself to do sth. . Of course, you get those who restrain your to shop desire, otherwise if still choose other sport way!

Gem gal

It is the most effective that gem gal can say, best to modelling bodily form effect, most elegant also motion. See each big fitness is met of Suo Yu上海水磨

ga class attend class you can discover the number, gem gal is in each are popular already in big city, and it also is the harmony of body and mind that suits city female very much really type moves.

Of gem gal magical depend on it be in sculpture your explicit figure while, still give you the power of heart of a kind of origin. Pass a paragraph by inside and outside, by outside and inside after taking exercise, you can discover state of mind had changed amazedly an appearance. You won't torment yourself to reduce a few kilograms weight again, you will be beautiful because of joy, happy because of beauty. And it does not suffer mobile place to restrict, want to do do, and a lot of movements learn easily simply, closeEye, extend limb, controlBreath, slowly the attitude that you can discover you and mental vigor 4 shoot.

Too extremely

If you think shadowboxing is the motion of old people, then you fell behind really. Early before the expert of Beijing sports university lets female undergraduates practice, study to its, the result discovers shadowboxing moves the system such as nerve, endocrine to female undergraduate, immunity, heart and vessels and mental activity all have adjust action. Nowadays, more and more urban white-collar females begin the tendency this one China is classical motion东莞夜网

. In addition, what a lot of people do not know is, practice the female sex of shadowboxing for a long time, haemal lymphocyte wither dies rate is remarkable reduce. That is to say, shadowboxing carries kinetic energy lets a woman defer consenescence, enhance i东莞夜网

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