All of 40 tourist attractions is free! The subway is nonstop
- - > publish at 2018-6-18 21:06 arrives again June, the one will come to to say go in year travel that already passed half come to an agreement or understanding 2018 the little cause that this the beginning of the year places is looked like by " poor " control so that link an image disappeared not to pass, if you are not begged,go abroad give a province to stay in us big Guangzhou actually, the ride that comes to say to go is very easy because of us big Guangzhou is hiding a lot of exceed amused tourist attraction and local focal point still is free and sit a subway can arrive directly to want scarcely too convenient! Suit us most these are spent all day, borrow controlled poor ghost ~ so, what is there to be worth to go after all on every subway route, the most amused place? Bud bud Da gives you below had arranged drive close catching! Billow will rise in June! A line? ? Oriental Bao Tai - Guangzhou east station east Bao Tai, heaven of cate of a collect and shop bethel the subterranean square at a suit, hide at flourishing Lin Hexi business to encircle. No matter be to shop, appointment or stroll child, suit very! And on it is appropriate home, ramble be disgusted with bazaar, circuit of past go for a walk is pretty good also oh village of ~ Yo bud - sports on the west road this is a very distinctive village! The net red inn that because here is hiding very much ancient clever energy,blames. Upstairs it is dweller building, leaving however downstairs a lot of small endowment good shop, do not have rare appearance flatly, there is heaven and earth greatly however inside! If you have fun at, can come explore one explore oh ~ east building of hill general merchandise - east mountain pass this is east the building of a general merchandise with hill the longest history, the neighbor around is free to love to ramble. Mountain pass is the literary delegate of Guangzhou east, old-style villatic ocean room is bristly, here you can discover Guangzhou is small endowment at the same time. Big Buddha ancient temple - big Buddha temple builds imposing manner extensive before the park grand, resplendent and magnificent, will hit card to take a picture in the evening, can have entered " 1000 with 1000 search " of the world inspect namely feeling. And as a Gu Si, whenever first 15 also can have a lot of people to go consecrate of burn joss sticks, if you believe Buddha, might as well come here pray blessing oh ~ people park - the Guangzhou before the park's oldest park, also be called " the first park of Guangzhou city " , it is old wide person recreational recreational good place! Up and down 9 - macrobian way someone says, did not have been to fluctuation 9 do not calculate had come to Guangzhou truly! Here has petty gain to be wrapped to the clothing shoes that suspects life, still have countless cate, everything needed is ready of idle away in seeking pleasure! Light is to shop, bud bud Da can on billow one day of ~ still has many Tibet to be in off-street child the small shop scarcely in can be missed, eating you to just know that ability is truly pure old wide cate! Sanded face park - it is not only here recreational the place that take a walk, also be a good place that take a picture, a lot of new personality like to come here to pat marriage gauze to illuminate. Of course, lone dog is not sad also, go up about basin friend comes from pat, also be right choice. 1850 originality garden - garden of fragrant village originality is not to have only red only factory oh, fragrant village also has, garden of this 1850 originality, person little respect is beautiful, shu Xin lies fallow to did not suit to spend fish of ~ painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style most art terminal market - here assemble market of Guangzhou's most entire fish of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, have everything that one expects to find, do not buy also can look after children will understand next puppy oh ~ city of 2 lines Guangzhou adventure playground - station of park of Bai Yun of subway of station of Bai Yun park does not have Bai Yun park, have children park only! Mom is friendly people need not suspect, you did not come wrong, it is here! Inside garden very big, have more children project, the family on holiday belt comes along stroll child, it is right choice absolutely! More beautiful park - Yue Xiugong of station of more beautiful park is Guangzhou field mix the earliest the omnibus park with the largest scale, monument of floor of sea having a garrison post, museum, 5 Yang Diao resembling, Zhongshan, all is the building of sex of one earth mark of Guangzhou! Park of lake drifting a flower - the exhibition that there is a flower via regular meeting here, it is beautiful sea all the year round, the friends that love a flower but must not miss street of ~ marriage gauze - the ground with 2 mouth, mottled alley of Gong Zhanan's static city, guangzhou overseas Chinese once was here a street, say to go up perfect armour the world. The in be the same as blessing road around also is famous street taking money, shop to eat delicious, mood instant is beautiful. Changjiang Delta is collected - Changjiang Delta collects Changjiang Delta on the west is the cate square that rises abruptly in recent years, fabulous " go in circuit, come out fat 3 " , is Mom friendly people is there what will be challenged? 3 lines sea bead lake park - sea of big pool station bead lake is Guangzhou city the city zone important zoology segregation is taken, be known as Guangzhou " south kidney " , sorching summer comes here to breathe fresh and cool and refreshing air, the feeling does not want too bright! TIT originality garden - the originality garden that transforms by old plant is here, there is studio of a lot of brands inside. The Ke Xiaoqing in garden is new but industrialized, move think, can pat not general big oh ~ Guangdong visits museum - museum of province of Guangdong of station of Pearl River new city is opened freely, but welcome a visitor only everyday 5000 people, the Mom friend that wants to go remembers going earlier oh the Tibet in ~ province rich is tasted numerous, have the word that energy sees slowly, often did not go out not to come a long time, the weather of such high temperature, go in avoid be away for the summer holidays billow a long time great theater of Guangzhou of pretty good also ~ - great theater of Guangzhou of station of Pearl River new city is the mark of ground of a characteristic of Guangzhou, its out is world-renowned the hand of stylist, the design feels dye-in-the-wood, it is place of a sunken formative! Ancient harbor of 4 lines yellow Bu - 10 thousand get the better of surrounding basically is building of relics of a few ancestral hall here, go to as if to drop into honest 90 time at a draught, the returning with the deepest nevertheless impression is the cate here, the cat writes down the congee of young of a light boat, ginger that suckle a mother-in-law to bump into a form of address for a man used by the senior members of his wife's family of grandma, stone radical. . . . . Wanted to eat again! Biology island - the zoology groove guard that Guan Zhou stands to be transformed afresh by ancient dorp, what bud bud Da likes most is to come here on the weekend BBQ, blowing Jiang Feng, super and comfortable! A bulk will did not suit to pass most! Sea continent park - college town north is cultivated inside station garden have fruit tree of 50 thousand much individual plant, wampee of carambola of the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn, heart-shaped waits, it is Guangzhou sea the core region of groove guard of bead area fruiter, be known as " south lung " . Take a paragraph of route at will, feel whole body and mind by catharsis kosher. 5 lines are red only factory - member what village station Guangzhou is short of least of all is originality garden, but should speak of originality garden originator, it is to should be counted of course red only factory, friend circle Po is most is here! Literary small pure and fresh Mom friend is not missed certainly! Column - art gallery - member village station is in red only near the factory, still have art gallery of a column, transform by cave dwelling, every month has different exhibition, it is literary absolutely small endowment good place. Pearl River park - park of Pearl River of hunt heart station and CBD mutual crisscross, nevertheless a lot of people do not know here has a Pearl River park, the Mom friend that had not come can take the advantage of holiday to play card oh ~ beautiful city is collected - Pearl River new city stands this is to view and admire place of Guangzhou tower first-rate, night still can watch lamplight show, come to Guangzhou must play card! Below the account that lets bud bud Da love here most however, beautiful city is collected next hiding super and inapproachable much cate, all sorts of nets are red have everything that one expects to find of inn, snack bar! Eat 3 night on 3 days to be able to not eat certainly! Overseas Chinese new residential quarter - the downtown that division place of business is located in Guangzhou, there are a flock of the most literary people here, mysterious veil you go opening! Guangzhou artistic museum - small north is located in below Bai Yunshan foot, the building austral mountain and gardens an organic whole, court landscape, all without exception reveals the sculpture art of architect. Start elemental originality garden formerly - village predecessor is Guangzhou beer works on the west, only then built 1934, already had 80 old histories up to now. The workshop of discard, workshop is changed to build a style brand of the building of each different, various dress is garrisoned, everywhere of culture of popular element, beer is visible. Here you one second can change heterodyne reflects mad evil spirit! The park that add - the park adding that the village stands in Fuzhou journey end on the west is called again " small Zhongshan hall " , exceedingly peaceful, suit to come here to play most hide feline cat ~ shopping mall of hole of 6 lines dragon - arboretum " Xian Youlong hole, have Guangzhou again " , dragon hole shopping mall is the heaven of cate, arrive from early morning curtain of night, boiler spoon does not have cease to pass, do not know to feed full around how many small white-collar and student brother. . . . . . Huana arboretum - arboretum Huana arboretum is our country history the longest, save one of arboretum with species, the largest area, have " Chinese southern beryl " beautiful praise. East hill lake park - east the lake stands 9 bridges are east the building of ground mark sex of hill lake park, bridge floor tortuosity, smooth shadow is mottled, recreational the good place that take a walk. Beijing road - shopping mall of road of Beijing of Beijing district station follows fluctuation 91 appearance, will not hit card to be equal to had not come to Guangzhou, although here can compare fluctuation it seems that 9 high-grade so lose, but also be a petty gain big wrist ramble eat ramble take good place! Holy heart cathedral - cathedral of heart of emperor of station of one heart district only then built 1876, be together the union with art and perfect religion, it is the place that many people that come to Guangzhou play card surely! Love group of edifices - one heart road is loving group of edifices the Tao Yuan house of 17 buildings rotates dining-room, can 360 degrees of headroom look down at scene of Pearl River river! Yong Qingfang - flexibly lane exports Yong Qingfang to be located in favour Ning Lu " old name a street " on, museum of art of back Guangdong opera, it is on the side on the west house of Guan Peizheng elementary school, 8 peace conference. Assembled the construction that the arcade-house involves on the west and marrow, bearing the weight of old wide glory and dream. Village of 7 lines bell - a village of bell of bell village station is a Yu ancient town, here has 3 treasure: Dried meat cicada of field mice, predacious diving beetle, sweet-scented osmanthus. Interested friend can taste have a taste of what is just in season to breath out. Park of harbor of 8 lines dawn - the park of one place city that dawn harbor station is located in sea bead area, here has diminutive amusement park not only, dodgems, trainset, it is the good place that the child and adult amuse oneself loosen! Beautiful city past - the space achieving an objective that be transformed without all sorts of old factory building here and becomes, also do not have net red inn. . . Only answer the workshop of street, multicoloured builds the Hong Kong that cuts 90 time, big shelf that reached to just can begin deal in the evening! It is without dot individual character you feel embarrassed one the place that come! Garden of red originality of east of wide Buddha line - Yan Gang stands everything what fiery time reservation comes down, still producing its more than heat. Dormitory of mark sex water tower, old worker, the rubric on the wall, as if in recount a paragraph to wipe the memory that does not go, let a person burn with righteous indignation. South mountain new scope of operation - Zu Miao station is here, you can see it is south antique mountain civilian Courier, inn-keeper is worn in business accost guest, guests are doing his business in carefree ground. Wow oh, not doesn't check know to have along the subway so so much is amused local Mom friendly people which to like most? Feel useful, right place playing role to small make up add a drumstick a week explodes civil 10 children have litchi death, "Litchi is ill " deadly it is true actually! Litchi must not eat to the child so after Guangzhou parent... Guangzhou K11 this " the most beautiful bookshop " left eventually! 2900 ㎡ exceed great life space, close child libertinism shopping everything needed is ready, let a person do not think! 4006! Guangzhou registered permanent residence is exclusive fair hire a room to begin to register today! Low reach 12 yuan / ㎡, these 5 areas have! Do not be defeated by Maldives, cling to li island! Guangzhou and periphery these 14 absolutely beautiful go vacationing beach, summer billow rises! 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