The 89th chapter: The 7 father of famous are first 7
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If he knows she uses the method of this kind of perpetrate a gigantic fraud to leave him, do not know to want to produce moth of how many one again.

After resting one day first 7 adjust good position, want to say anyway presumably, that sees him.

Below the convoy of ten bodyguard, first 7 will appoint a place, visit the castle that this is surrounded all round, li Lin is to had arrived,

A few bodyguard first 7 surround an inter, not clear after all the other side arranges sharp-shooter beyond, this has not taken a few steps, will send a letter with respect to somebody, say that girl woke.

This first 7 do not plan to go in, she wants to see Li Lin is to meet of too impatient to wait go seeing her, still be in his eye, it is important that calculate awaits so long affair.

Waited for for a long time not to see Li Lin transmits disappear to say sometime good-bye, after all her dillydally for a long time, he is waiting for her dye-in-the-woodly to go in patiently however. First 7 arrangement 3 bodyguard go in first sound sound is solid, that's all right is special circumstance she just goes in.

She is surrounded all round, nobody looks so that see her, wait for walk into the castle the bodyguard before her ability get out of the way.

Li Lin looks up see the 7 father to the middle of the hearsay, those who see is however first 7. He rectifies individual instant to stand up with one's eyes open, first 7 can see him be anxious and excited, do not cross his this expression, be to think she is hijacked to come over to browbeat by 7 father he? .

In Li Lin's look, first 7 indifferently take what 7 father belong to on him locally.

Look instant of Li Lin turns into astonish, first of 7 ripe door familiar route poured a cup of tea to oneself, and Li Lin has not answered a god to come from inside astonish.

First 7 saw him, 6 months disappear, he became thin a lot of, mustache is not blown, the hair is not cut, whole person is dingy a lot of feelings, countenance is gaunt, without her, he actually him put through of this pair of mitzvah?

"You are not all the time infer 7 father, I came "

The Li Lin laugh from ridicule, restore the character of his Hades, carry eye looks to first 7.

She this condition is not the appearance that lies on sickbed to just woke completely, say she performed a perpetrate a gigantic fraud to him so, the family that joins her she be kept inside a drum-be kept in the dark, when everybody is worrying for her, she is in abroad happy living.

The most comical is, his bedside person, love each other with him so old woman, it is the 7 father that he expends idea to investigate, it is absurdity comes really extremely.

She is to be concealed too well really, so old, do not have give the show away.

See the person that he surveys all the time, li Lin resembles sufferring however like inflicting heavy losses on suffocative, he rises stand by her, want to challenge why should be she done so, did not wait for him to stand by bodyguard to be being protected first 7.

Li Lin laugh, the face about that takes a teacup to drink tea to annoy leaves.

He was investigated so long, the 7 father that take time expends the investigation that think of a heart painfully are unexpectedly first 7. She is hiding the truth from the thing of traffic accident he calculated, actually perpetrate a gigantic fraud is hiding the truth from everybody to leave alone, let all people that love her be being borne self-condemned with bitterness, calculate her to want to hiding he, can the parents that cannot she consider to consider her? Xiao Xin mood is low need to see psychological doctor every day, everybody is fast mad she however half an year has never been heard of since.

Thinking him to playing day of an unfamiliar female birthday nocturnal night accompanies afraid of her conversation severe to consider put to death minute minutes that woman, it is the disgrace of his this all one's life really.

A Ge hears she goes seeing Li Lin, the same night sends the girl go abroad, good name its say find can save wake her doctor, actually that girl woke, and known person besides first 7 did not have a person with Li Lin.

First 7 extend a lazy waist, languid rises lazily.

"Should you go certainly? "Should you go certainly??

The Li Lin that takes an in part paused one second, he thinks first 7 think quickly mad, he just has an illusion to cross countless kinds of setting that meet with her, but he had not missed 7 father just is true first 7.

First afraid of 7 understanding severe, he this is in a fit of anger, stretch sends irremediable, her anyhow falls to his step.

7 Qian retreat one dry bodyguard first, leave Li Lin and her alone, fortunately the person of 7 knows the impact of she and Li Lin first, and close-fitting bodyguard also knows Li Lin first 7 pairs of his meanings, since she started to talk, also be the plan gives him chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

"The power of my at hand is a bit great, neat home interest is not little also, you also know my identity is exposed can have how old influence, neat home does not suffer in the center of direct control, if I appear, I am afraid that central meeting uses you to undertake hitting pressing to neat home "

Li Lin still did not talk, he goes to sitting to listen first 7 explanations.

"You say graceful all alone and you cooperate, presumably in the center of even if know 7 father are true the identity also won't is opposite neat home or I move, I knew to have strong cooperative business, you can take the opportunity to investigate 7 father energetically certainly, you use graceful all alone to investigate me, graceful all alone also can use you, your collaboration brings not little trouble to me indeed, letting you know me is 7 father you let me more impossibly break away from you, I can escape by crafty scheme will handle a trouble, this plan has been handled, change the status, which know you are leave no stone unturned also wants smell I am true the identity. Which know you are leave no stone unturned also wants smell I am true the identity..

Li Lin did not look first 7, his hair is long (Zhang) long, plus he is low head, first 7 look not clear he at the moment expression.

"The person that wants my lot is much, I do not want to bring too much trouble to oneself, also do not want to bring a trouble to others, I know my practice hurts your heart, but these original idea that are not me. But these original idea that are not me..

Li Lin did not answer her, also did not make known his position, first 7 silent a little while, again " you are sober and sober, cross me a few days to look for you again

Cross me a few days to look for you again

First of 7 feel sad saw Li Lin deeply, she is clear about these 5 months he lives what kind of life, his word word puts to death the word of the heart says each sentences to be on her the bottom of one's heart in ward, she keeps back the desire that seeks him to tell him everything, make oneself busy rise not to think him with the job, she knows she is cruel-hearted, but she must so do.

Face about during, li Lin holds her in arms from back.

"Must not you leave me again half pace "

Thing of the what in the heart bumped, first 7 stop offal pace, but forehead is plunged into unripely by his beard however,face about bumps into his bosom ache. Li Lin strokes the lower jaw, it is some difficult to handle.

"Blow immediately! "Blow immediately!!

First 7 laughed, pulling him to wash hit bubble to shave to him personally.

Li Lin's darling cuddle the of 7 fine waist at the beginning of the move is recumbent the stage that wash gargle, first 7 wholeheartedly shave to him. Shave beard first 7 the very satisfactory head that holding his chin to raise him.

"Hum, much more good-looking "

Notice Lilin's strong view, first the smile on 7 faces slowly desalt.

Severe afraid hand puts the neck after her, first 7 close an eye subliminally, burning kiss subsequently and to, overbearing blazing, little eats her heart.

Two people from wash the lingering between gargle to reach a room, li Lin unlocks her, a princess is held in the arms hold her in the arms rise to go toward piscina.

Accumulate the longing with much half an year and desire to send irremediable, again bosom of her what love most invade, smell is worn the unique flavor on her body, li Lin sank into.

Chun Xiao momently, one room is silty, at the moment your body and mind grants I, my body and mind also grants you, enemy of affection love hate vanishs completely, I I or your, you or my you.

A Ge informed neat family, "First 7 " wake likely, this can search neat Yao Hexiao glad bad, clear away a thing to go abroad accordingly, neat Yan Ye goes abroad accordingly together, after all first 7 because she calls her to receive small treasure,having an accident is, this half an year comes, qi Yan lives in ashamed regret all the time, hear first 7 can wake, neat Yan Ke is more excited than anybody.

In surgery, first 7 " through " the operation of a few hours wakes eventually, and the surgery of across, a Ge made an appointment with face-lifting doctor to her, because that little sister was destroyed to allow, a Ge plans to help her resume the pattern previously finally.

The operation of two people ends at the same time, first ward of 7 Vip be drivinged, and that girl regains the status with original herself, entered common ward.

Say as A Ge, that girl remembers nerve to be oppressed, forget oneself completely to surname what to call, she what awake is faint however remember oneself crying first 7, family is what kind of she does not know, she remembers herself having a husband that loves her to love her very much very much or boy friend however, what does the boy friend call her do not remember again.

She says she is faint remember him family accompanying her to talk beside her sickbed everyday.

The doctor in charge of a case that A Ge brings tells her however, that is her the person of adjoining bed, it is young lady of an a thousand pieces of gold, everyday family parents boy friend takes care of her to accompany her, want to let her recover at an early date, the likelihood is she listens much, memory is promiscuous.

Through the cure of half an year, the hospital tells the girl's family she woke, they can go visit her, they also wrapped the medical expenses of succeed be in hospital, till her in good condition leave hospital.

July 1 gave surgery to sleep in ward first shut-eye sleeps to in the evening, basically be before Li Lin one evening too do sth over and over again she, kill her to become aware did not sleep, this one be free she sleeps a dark all round.

Opening what the first second that open one's eyes sees is a flock of people that are surrounded beside her bed, the bandage on the head rectifies her the individual is wrapped cheated, still can breathe freely besides facial features, she is whole the head is wrapped to get severe tight fact.

Severe afraid it may be said is to accompany her to eat to live in the hospital in the hospital, follow closely accompany her.

Take sb's place 7 identities slept in Icu first the girl of half an year remembers a large number of occurrence disorders, she is moved deeply by Li Lin's deep feeling, one'sed mind disturbed to him inadvertently, often think back to if removing Li Lin, her metropolis heart beats, the speech in the touch on the body, memory makes her more affirmatory those words say to her.

Doctor in charge of a case says her is at the beginning in Icu ward, icu ward is not her poor parents lives now rise, more and more idea make her wrong sentence somebody to take sb's place her identity, this she more and more feeling just him is that a thousand pieces of gold.

Ring when the familiar sound outside hearing ward, the girl gets out of bed hastily run out, a flock of wealthy people wear disease to take the person that is wrapping a head with her round, those wealthy people she a person is not known also do not remember, but the cerebra that the sound that they talk to be familiar with then stimulates her continuously continuously.

In the line of sight that walks into her when the man of a handsome unreasonable, that familiar saying rushs into her heart continuously continuously in, she is not controlled.

The girl goes by firm firm to helping Li Lin up first 7 push.

"She is not first 7, I just am first 7 "

Qi Yao is swift-handed one is helped up first 7.

This word is done cheated those present, but girl sound is different, everybody thinks she is bedlamite, urgent call a doctor.

See everybody does not believe her, if she what she says the great master in Icu ward to her still is written down, speak out.

Li Lin's vinegary Zou Mei, he is witting this girl is first 7 search that is vicarious.

Her affectionate face severe afraid walks over, be filled with joy.

"I do not remember previously our associate with, but I know I love you, thank you to loving me to accompany me all the time. Thank you to loving me to accompany me all the time..

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